Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESM)

We use hands-on massage techniques applied therapeutically to increase circulation, relieve tension, enhance muscle tone, increase range of motion and relax muscle spasms. This non-invasive technique was originally designed for human athletes, but has been modified for equine athletes. It can reduce the time required for injury recovery, as well as increase injury prevention by focusing on the primary causes of muscular injury.
Equine BodyWorks, Miami, FL ESM Equine BodyWorks, Miami, FL

Equine Craniosacral Therapy (ECST)

ECST directly treats the central nervous system in a gentle and non-invasive way. It uses a light pressure to enable the body to move to its full extent without discomfort and can detect and correct imbalances throughout the body. ECST has been proven to strengthen resistance to disease, relieve stress and improve overall health.
Equine BodyWorks, Miami, FL Equine BodyWorks, Miami, FL