HITS 2017 is coming to Ocala, Florida!

Each year, HITS presents horse shows with some of the richest prizes in the world! Beginning mid-January and culminating in March, the world’s finest equine athletes will compete for the Great American $1 million Grand Prix in Ocala, Florida.

HITS presents jumping classes for riders of various levels—including beginners, novice, and experienced. If you’re gearing up for this event, make sure that your athlete is in tip top shape by following these tips:

1. Keep your equine athlete fit

It goes without saying that you’ll want to ensure that your equine athlete is in prime physical condition when it comes time to compete. A big part of fitness is ensuring that you are training on a consistent basis and allowing for the right amount of rest in between each session. No matter how fit your horse is, he or she will need down time to recover emotionally and physically to prevent stress and strain.

2. Maintain a healthy, nutrient rich diet

While most equine athlete owners know that their competition horse is among the healthiest and fit competitors of their kind, they are also the hardest working, and thus put their body through a great deal of rigorous activity.

When you prepare for an event with such high stakes as HITS, it’s important to ensure that your athlete is consuming only those foods that will provide optimal energy and the right amounts of protein. Of course, if you’re coming from anywhere other than Florida, it’s also a good idea to remember that even in the winter, the weather can be hotter than your athlete may be accustomed to, so hydration is also a key consideration.

3. Manage soreness and fatigue

It’s practically impossible for your horse not to feel sore while training for competition. But while it’s expected, it can and should be managed well so that he or she won’t end up with an injury or illness that could be debilitating enough to hurt their performance.

Equine Massage therapy was designed to alleviate soreness after training and to help improve circulation, flexibility, relaxation, and to reduce any inflammation in the joints and muscles. Many trainers engage in a regular schedule of equine massage during their circuit training to keep their athlete pain-free throughout the season.

4. Consider cross training

For many high-level performance horses, cross training is an ideal way to eliminate the injuries that result from repetitive motion again and again. Cross training, because it mixes up the routine, allows your horse to work different muscles which can reduce the chance of injury. It’s also popular among trainers to implement stretches before and after that help prevent muscle pulls and joint strain.

HITS Ocala 2017

This year, the events take place at 2 p.m. every Sunday and on certain Thursdays and Fridays. The excitement begins in January and culminates with the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix event on March 26, 2017.

Known as the Horse Capital of the World, Ocala, Florida, draws in hundreds of thousands of horse enthusiasts each year with their various equine events. If you’re interested in finding out more about the HITS 2017 season, check out their event schedule. at http://www.hitsshows.com/ocala/hits-ocala-winter-circuit.

Remember that keeping your athlete healthy and fit is a major part of preparing for events and competition. To find out more about beginning an equine massage therapy regimen, or for more information about our services, get in touch with us today.