Make Sure Your Equine Athlete Delivers a Top Performance at HITS 2017

HITS 2017 is coming to Ocala, Florida!
Each year, HITS presents horse shows with some of the richest prizes in the world! Beginning mid-January and culminating in March, the world’s finest equine athletes will compete for the Great American $1 million Grand Prix in Ocala, Florida.
HITS presents jumping classes for riders of various levels—including beginners, novice, and experienced. If you’re gearing […]

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Change of Scenery: Check Out These 7 Gorgeous South Florida Trail Rides

Enjoy an adventure amongst splendid eco-beauty, alligators, and other intriguing wildlife
There’s nothing quite as freeing as heading out on the open trail, winding your way around lush tropical foliage, meandering by quiet canals and through flourishing wetlands. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran rider, south Florida offers a diverse array of trail riding opportunities in some of the most […]

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Horse Trailer Maintenance and Safety: Don’t Leave Home without Reading This

Be prepared and prevent accidents and injuries
If your horse is competing in shows, rodeos, or racing, ensuring that he or she is safe while traveling to events is a key concern. Trailer accidents are not uncommon and many of them can be avoided by following a simple maintenance strategy. No matter what kind of trailer or transport you’re using, or […]

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Top 5 Ways to Manage a Challenging Circuit Schedule for Your Equine Partner

Take good care of your athlete—body and soul
If your equine athlete has a demanding circuit schedule, whether it’s rodeos, racing, shows, or any other competition, all of it can be physically and mentally draining. During a busy season, many equine athletes need a treatment or recovery regimen to help maintain their fitness level and to prevent injury or illness. Here […]

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Changes in Temperament and Attitude? Explore the Benefits of Equine Massage

What to do when your good horse suddenly behaves badly
We all have days when we just feel off. The same holds true for your equine athlete. It’s not uncommon for a normally calm animal to show signs of resistance, avoidance, or aggression during training or everyday activities. When the behavior lasts for a day or two, there is usually little […]

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From Racehorse to Pleasure Horse: Managing the Transition with Equine Massage

Addressing an off-the-track athlete’s unique needs.
For equine enthusiasts tasked with transitioning a racehorse from the track into a pleasure horse, the process is both exciting and challenging. While thoroughbreds are highly disciplined animals with incredible athletic abilities, they are also accustomed to a certain lifestyle, training regimen, and have basically been bred to race. To make the process smooth for […]

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Cross the Finish Line Faster with Preventative Maintenance for Your Equine Athlete

Being proactive can mean the difference between crossing first and not crossing at all
No matter what type of activities your equine athlete is competing in, a great deal of strength and conditioning is required. To perform at their best, it’s important to ensure that your horse is being given all the basic general health and wellness requirements, including eating a […]

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Body and Soul: The Top 5 Benefits of Equine Massage

Your equine athlete deserves the best treatment, and here’s how to deliver it
Whether you and your horse compete together, or you engage the expertise of a professional trainer or rider, ultimately, you want the best for your equine partner. Just take a moment to consider this: after a long, hard week of training (or attending training sessions), if you yourself […]

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If the Rider Benefits from Massage, Should the Racehorse?

Equine athletes derive – and deserve – the same benefits from massage
Professional athletes routinely include massage in their training regimen, many keeping massage therapists on their payroll full-time. In fact, NFL linebacker James Harrison reportedly has six different masseuses on his payroll and spends between $400,000 and $600,000 a year on what he calls “body work.”
While that may seem extreme, […]

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Before and After: How to Maximize Pre-Event Prep and Post-Event Recovery

Training, nutrition, and a healthy, happy equine athlete
No matter your equestrian discipline, from dressage to driving, racing to rodeo, and endurance to eventing, keeping your horse healthy and performing at an optimum level is key.
It is our job to protect our horses and keep them safe and healthy as they perform their jobs for us. Preparing for and recovering from […]

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