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Changes in Temperament and Attitude? Explore the Benefits of Equine Massage

What to do when your good horse suddenly behaves badly
We all have days when we just feel off. The same holds true for your equine athlete. It’s not uncommon for a normally calm animal to show signs of resistance, avoidance, or aggression during training or everyday activities. When the behavior lasts for a day or two, there is usually little […]

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From Racehorse to Pleasure Horse: Managing the Transition with Equine Massage

Addressing an off-the-track athlete’s unique needs.
For equine enthusiasts tasked with transitioning a racehorse from the track into a pleasure horse, the process is both exciting and challenging. While thoroughbreds are highly disciplined animals with incredible athletic abilities, they are also accustomed to a certain lifestyle, training regimen, and have basically been bred to race. To make the process smooth for […]

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