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Cross the Finish Line Faster with Preventative Maintenance for Your Equine Athlete

Being proactive can mean the difference between crossing first and not crossing at all
No matter what type of activities your equine athlete is competing in, a great deal of strength and conditioning is required. To perform at their best, it’s important to ensure that your horse is being given all the basic general health and wellness requirements, including eating a […]

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Body and Soul: The Top 5 Benefits of Equine Massage

Your equine athlete deserves the best treatment, and here’s how to deliver it
Whether you and your horse compete together, or you engage the expertise of a professional trainer or rider, ultimately, you want the best for your equine partner. Just take a moment to consider this: after a long, hard week of training (or attending training sessions), if you yourself […]

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If the Rider Benefits from Massage, Should the Racehorse?

Equine athletes derive – and deserve – the same benefits from massage
Professional athletes routinely include massage in their training regimen, many keeping massage therapists on their payroll full-time. In fact, NFL linebacker James Harrison reportedly has six different masseuses on his payroll and spends between $400,000 and $600,000 a year on what he calls “body work.”
While that may seem extreme, […]

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