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English or Western Riding: What’s Better for Your Horse?

Whichever is your preference, be aware of potential risks to your horse’s health.
If you’re just beginning your journey into horseback riding, congratulations. Horses are a great source of joy and relaxation, they provide a wonderful bonding opportunity, and riding can become a life-long hobby. And regardless of whether you choose to ride Western or English, you’ll soon discover why so […]

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How to Fit a Comfortable Saddle (Because Poorly-Fitted Saddles are Terrible for Your Horse’s Health!)

Ride on! Just make sure it fits!
Remember the last time you wore shoes that didn’t fit well? We all do, because a poorly-fitted pair of shoes is just painful. Whether too loose or too tight, there’s a price to pay in the form of blisters and pain in your heels, toes, calves, and even your entire leg.
Now think about the […]

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