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Keeping Equine Athletes in Peak Performing Condition at the Winter Equestrian Festival

Equine Bodyworks Pro increases awareness and offers expertise in Wellington
The winter months in Wellington would not be complete without the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) that showcases the best in show jumping and dressage. From January through April every year, this wonderland of equestrian athletes and riders is the largest and longest-running circuit in the world of equine sport.
As in every […]

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Equine Body Language: What Your Horse Is Trying to Communicate

Science has proven that horses can read ours, but can we do the same?
All animals, including humans, have their own ways of communicating to each other. For those of us without the gift of spoken language, we must get our message across with body language. Horses are no exception. If you train horses or simply enjoy spending a lot of […]

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