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7 Things That Could Be Causing Your Horse’s Mystery Lameness

You’ve checked for the most obvious causes, but your vet has ruled them out…now what?
There’s nothing more frustrating than mystery lameness in your horse. You’ve checked for the most obvious causes like a stone in the hoof, an abscess, shoe problems or a bowed tendon. Your vet has fortunately ruled out big worries such as founder or laminitis and navicular […]

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Why Softness Isn’t Just About the Horse

People’s temperament matters, too—here’s why!
Fortunately, training horses has moved away from the old days of “breaking” them, which often meant breaking their spirit as well, to concepts like “gentling” them. Nowadays, the concept of “softness” is frequently discussed in the equine world. It’s a great idea, but there’s still a lot of emphasis on getting the horse to do something […]

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